Looking for exclusive offers on private basis?

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05 November 2020

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Looking for exclusive offers on private basis?


The Galapagos Islands offer a wide variety of options for intrepid travelers who want to enjoy a few days in a magical place discovering the endemic species that inhabit this archipelago, enjoying snorkeling, swimming with playful sea lions and much more…



For these explorers we have designed exclusive programs that include:

• 3 hotel nights with breakfast at first class hotels at Santa Cruz island

• Visits to the highlights of the island as: the famous Charles Darwin Station where they can observe the giant turtles also called ¨Galápagos¨ or visit one of the ranchos where the turtles can be admired in their natural habitat

• 2 boat excursions (on charter basis for each group) to the nearby islands such as: Bartholomé, North Seymour, Plazas, or Pinzón


General conditions:

Standard rooms

Boat excursions on board a boat with capacity for up to 16 passengers on charter basis

Services on private basis

Additional to consider: domestic & international air tickets and services in mainland Ecuador

Daily departures

All included excursions are subject to the regulations of the Galápagos National Park Authorities

Add additional nights & excursions


Note: Looking for programs on sharing basis? at promotional prices? These programs can also be provided sharing with other clients. Please inquire……


We design the program specially for your clients according to their interest, number of days that they would like to spend in the Galápagos Islands, visits that they wish to include, type of rooms required, travelling dates, etc…..

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