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13 January 2021

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PROTOCOLS FOR ENTRY TO ECUADOR  Effective January 10,2021


The Emergency Operations Committee (Comité de Operaciones de Emergencia – COE) of the Ecuadorian Government published the new protocol for entering the country by air. These protocols apply to citizens of any country and flights from any destination.


a) All travelers visiting Ecuador must enter with a NEGATIVE CORONA TEST (COVID-19 RT-PCR test) valid for up to ten (10) days before entering the country and without symptoms (fever, coughs, sore throat, rhinitis, headache, gastrointestinal symptoms –diarrhea and any other that has been published by the international medical community).


b) If upon arrival in Ecuador, the passenger have symptoms, even with a negative RT-PCR test, he/she must be tested, at their own expense at the airport of entry and immediately go to Mandatory Preventive Isolation period (APO) in one of the hotels authorized by the National COE until receiving the test result. If the result of the test is negative, the traveler(s) can continue with the itinerary in Continental Ecuador. If the corona test is positive, he/she should continue with the APO at the hotel. All necessary health care will be provided at the traveler’s expense and according to the clinical picture.


c) Upon arrival at the airport the Health authorities will perform aleatory checks by performing a new COVID test to the arriving passengers, even if they come with a negative RT-PCR result. If this test is positive the passenger will have to make a Mandatory Preventive Isolation period (APO) in one of the authorized hotels, at the traveler’s expense.

d) All airlines operating to Ecuador must verify prior to boarding that passengers have the corresponding NEGATIVE CORONA TEST (COVID-19 RT-PCR).

e) Before arrival to Ecuador, all passengers should fill and sign the Health Declaration document.


f) This document will be provided by the airline and should be delivered upon arrival to Ecuador to the corresponding authorities.



-Negative PCR test certificate not older than 96 hours prior to the flight


-Travelers can use their international negative PCR test certificate to travel to the Galapagos Islands as long as it has been issued up to 96 hours before entry. If not, a test must be performed in Ecuador to comply with this protocol for entry to the Galapagos Islands


-Upon arrival in Galapagos, travelers will go through various controls similar to those implemented upon arrival in Ecuador as described in numeral b) above.



1. Upon arrival in Ecuador, travelers go through several controls and must follow the biosecurity protocols at all times.

1.1 Controls: Upon arrival all passengers will go through

      • Thermic sensors which establishes the temperature of the passenger
      • Disinfection footbaths

1.2 Protocols: as defined by the COE

      • Wear masks at all times ( this is obligatory)
      • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol gel of at least 70%
      • Observe the social distance of at least 2 meters
      • Avoid participating in meetings or gatherings with more than 10 guests
      • All meetings or gatherings should be in open air


2. The costs of PCR tests that must be carried out in Ecuador as well as the Mandatory Preventive Isolation period (APO), hospitalization and/or required medicines are paid by the passenger.


3. Both to enter Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, passengers are required to bring their travel insurance with medical coverage including COVID.


4. These protocols could change at any time. It is important that you check the most up to date status by contacting us as soon as you have decided to travel to Ecuador and or the Galapagos Islands.


We are at your disposal for any questions or further information.


Mónica Córdova V.




Ana María Córdova V.

Operations Director



Ruth Carrillo

Sales Manager


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