Educational Travel

Educational Travel

This type of trips is the heart of our offering. We enjoy tailoring for our clients every itinerary with the activities that suit their requirements, needs and budget; we love to investigate for our clients new options and prepare exciting itineraries that will create rich and unique new experiences for them.

Travelling to our country with a specific purpose or just for tourism, we provide them with the possibility to immerse in the knowledge of our country and our culture; interact with nature and discover the beauty of the Andes, the lush Amazon Rainforest a world with the most diverse ecosystems with an incredible variety of flora and fauna and explore the unique Galápagos Islands.

  • Experience our culture
  • Discover a two of the cities declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO
  • See the exotic Amazon rainforest, a unique place where it is possible to delight yourself with the concert of natural sounds
  • Visit local fairs and artisan centers located all around the country
  • Explore the living laboratory of the Galápagos Islands
  • Observe the process of the Cacao from harvest to how it becomes a delicious chocolate bar
  • Visit flower and fruit plantations and learn about the process of the harvest and exportation
  • Learn the typical dances Ecuadorian dances
  • Interact with the locals while visiting the Indian fairs and the artisan centers
  • Taste the Ecuadorian food which has a wide variety of dishes
  • Participate in a cooking class and learn to make the most popular dishes,
  • Nature conservation: learn about the existing projects in National Parks or Protected Reserves
  • Social help and Medical visits to both private and public hospitals
  • Archaeology, Birdwatching, Pilgrims, and other focused itineraries
  • Meetings with lawyers, doctors, professors or professionals of other sectors
  • Enjoy the sport of your preference: snorkeling, diving, fishing, horseback riding,
    biking, trekking, walking, and more…..


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